Cascade Smile Guarantee

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you have about your smile the day your braces or aligners come off and your treatment is complete. Keeping your beautiful Cascade Orthodontics Smile involves wearing your retainers and taking good care of your teeth, but sometimes life happens. The retainer gets lost, the dog decides to eat it, or someone (and we’re not saying who) just doesn’t wear their retainer. After some time, the teeth will move and you may find yourself needing treatment again. The great news is that Dr. Bush, Dr. Ehrmantrout and Cascade Orthodontics Guarantee Your Smile. Here’s how it works:

When you choose Cascade Orthodontics to provide your treatment we guarantee that if you are ever unhappy with the alignment of your teeth we will put braces back on for free and charge only a reasonable monthly fee for your office visits until you are again happy with your smile*. Only Dr. Bush and Dr. Ehrmantrout offer this option and that means going anywhere else could mean being charged all over again should your teeth move. But, as long as you have followed Dr. Bush or Dr. Ehrmantrout’s instructions with your retainer care, we’ll take care of you!

Does the Cascade Orthodontics Smile Guarantee cost more?

No! We offer this program as part of the comprehensive treatment plan to insure that all our patients get - and keep - that great smile they’ve always dreamed of!







*The guarantee is not that your teeth will stay straight or guaranteeing a specific result as this kind of promise is illegal. This guarantee applies only to patients who completed comprehensive orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or braces for 5 years from the initiation of orthodontic treatment. However, as long as Dr. Bush and Dr. Ehrmantrout are in practice, we will put braces back on your teeth at no charge and you will pay a monthly maintenance fee for treatment until you are satisfied with the result. Continuation of treatment is dependent on patient compliance and Dr. Bush and Dr. Ehrmantrout reserve the right to refuse to re-treat or discontinue treatment at any time. Cascade Orthodontics does not include any dental work, crowns, fillings, veneers, cleanings, oral surgery or any other type of work outside the scope of orthodontic movement of teeth with braces or aligners. The first month fee is due the date re-treatment is initiated. After re-treatment is completed, replacement retainers will be included as part of the maintenance fee. After 5 years, additional fees will apply.